Today we’re going to to everyone’s favorite – Burpees. And just to make it more enjoyable we’re going to do them Tabata Style.  I can’t imagine anything more fun than a couple rounds of HIIT Burpees.

One round of tabata is 4 minutes long. So in the workout below you repeat the entire sequence 4 times, which equals 1 four minute round.


  • 20 sec  – Burpees
  • 10 sec – REST
  • 20 sec  – Burpees
  • 10 sec – REST
  • (Repeat this 4x which = 1 round)

Rest 1 Minute between rounds


  • Beginner – 1
  • Intermediate – 2
  • Advanced – 3

Your Gymboss Classic Interval Timer makes a perfect tabata timer.

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